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Welcome to Voila Cleaners Swiss Cottage! This website will show you how the well delivered service can be working miracles when the customer desire is at the utmost importance. Our company needs to deliver you the best, because you deserve the best. Every single human being deserves the best he can get because happiness is the best. And every person deserves happiness. Our company provides the services that can make you happy without having to waste any more time on time taking domestic needs. These are the incredible services we provide for your pleasure!Cleaners Swiss Cottage

Our first and most well received service is the Domestic Cleaning. In this service we provide the customers with as much security as we possibly can. This service is regularly based and provides our customers with visits from our cleaners to relieve them of all the hassle of doing the chores. We are here to help you start a better life. With our assistance you can be able to enjoy your free time in your relaxing home atmosphere. There is no longer need for you to worry about throwing out the garbage or iron the clothes. We are here to do that for you!Swiss Cottage

Another useful service we provide is the Office Cleaning Service which offers a great deal of comfort for people who don’t have the time to sanitise their working environments. Whether you work in an office or a gym, a studio or a pub we can be there to make sure everything is spotless! Our cleaners work event with hardware gear like personal computers, gym equipment and all other kind of appliances that can be found in the working place. Call now and get the best free quote at our lines for your working place so you can begin receiving the free time you deserve!

Another service we provide is the One-off Cleaning Service. In that scenario we can say without any hesitation that we are extremely flexible. That is the option for clients who don’t have any spare time to plan our regular services, or simply wish to try us as a start. In this service you can hire a cleaner or a number of cleaners for a period of time of your choice. We can also be asked to turn special attention to any area of the property you wish in order to fully fulfil your desires. Our company strives to deliver the best there can be which is why this option has many variables at reasonable prices!

The spring is coming in order to awaken the nature and to prepare it for the next season cycle. This is why we call this service Spring Cleaning. Not because it can be done only during the spring, but because it serves as a wakeup call for your home! Here we are very aware of the potential danger of bacteria and other microorganisms developing their colonies in every dark corner of your house. This is why that service is not limited in time and is 100% guaranteed. Our cleaners will stay at your place for as long as it takes for it to be fully sanitized and spotless. Our employees are experienced and understand very well the importance of sanitizing your property in the best way they can. So don’t waste your chance to make your home healthier and a pleasure to live in.

The following service is called End of Tenancy Cleaning and originating from its name you can presume what it is about. Even so this is a must to be done when old tenants move out of certain property, in order for the new ones to inhabit it. We understand all the annoying hassle agencies and landlords have to go through every time they have to do this, which is why we designed this service. That service is also not limited in time and guaranteed. Everything we do, we do it for your own safety and personal peace of mind.

The next service takes us to the essential and most vital part of the property- the floors! This is the Carpet Cleaning service that will make your idea of cleansing rise to another level. We are using new steam based technology with our advanced machinery to wipe out any kind of household stains that can emerge on your lovely carpet. Don’t you find it boring and tedious to look at your old dusty carpet every single day you come home from work? Well here at Voila Cleaners Swiss Cottage there isn’t any problem we can’t deal with! Don’t hesitate to call us and enjoy your carpet like it was fresh bought once more!

Moving on to another service connected very much to the previous one. This one on the other hand is much more detailed. This one is the Upholstery Cleaning. It is a lovely way to beautify all your surrounding upholstery furniture and even curtains! In this case our cleaner works with the same steam technology but he first discovers the nature of the stains and substances. Then he uses a much more detailed attachment to the machine in order not to hurt any of your lovely furniture. We at Voila Cleaners Swiss Cottage aim to satisfy each need of our customers, which is why there isn’t anything we can’t deal with!

Another truly convenient service we provide is the After Builders Cleaning Service. This is an opportunity for people’s comfort after the renovation has finally ended and the crew of loud workers has left all their junk in your home. All those toxic waste stains of paint, cement and dust will be our pleasure to help with! You can just sit back and relax and let the team of Voila Cleaners Swiss Cottage to do that annoying and boring job for you! This time it will our turn to take the burden off your chest and let you enjoy the proper free time you deserve! Don’t waste a single breath to call our lines and receive a free quote on our prices in order to spare you the tedious hassle that comes with those kinds of chores!

Moving on to the next service takes us in the kitchen! Yes, the place where all the greasy and burned stains reign. Here is where we present you the Oven Cleaning Service. You might just ask- what is so special about cleaning the oven? Well in response we can tell you that we are not just cleaning the oven and we are not just cleaning! Firstly we sanitise all your kitchen appliances and secondly we use multilevel technology which involves dismantling the appliance and cleaning every separate part of it in order to make it look shiny and bright like it was the day you bought it!

And lastly we offer our customers one of the most important and yet risky service- The Property Maintenance! Here we understand how risky the house accidents can be and that is why we are here to help once more. No matter what has happened at your place, our handymen will stop at nothing to fix it! We can check your pluming, fix your electric fuses, do your carpentry work and any other household hazard that might occur will be our pleasure to handle. There isn’t any more need for you to take the risk or deal with tedious fixing yourself- Voila Cleaners Swiss Cottage is here for the rescue!